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  • About Us


    We are a new acquisitions team aiming to become America's leading funeral service provider. While most corporate consolidators are fully focused on the bottom line, our aim is to acquire funeral homes in a way that preserves their legacy and community orientation.


    This means we have no intentions of changing prices, cutting staff, or rebranding. We strive to make individual funeral homes feel individually-owned, while having a strong, secure corporate backing. If the roof needs repairing or a staff position needs replacement, that's on us!


    We provide individuals looking to sell their funeral homes a lot of freedom after the sale, including the option to keep working, join our board, and even receive equity. In other words, our goal is to help you achieve yours.

  • Our Board of Directors

    The five-person team aiming to make a change

    Kleigh Jones | Founding Director

    Kleigh is responsible for the assembly of the board of directors, and functions as the drive, energy, and passion behind making this acquisition journey successful.

    Diane Achord | Funeral Expert

    Diane has received countless accolades and awards as a versatile funeral professional, including the 2016 Dignity Honors Top Performer Award (JDPower). She currently owns her own mortuary.

    Diane Wald | Funeral Expert

    Diane has worked in and around funeral homes for over 30 years, serving as a funeral director, embalmer, location manager, and crematory operator, among other prominent positions. She has a strong understanding of both the business and service sides of the funeral profession.

    Kevin Krese | Finance Director

    Kevin has held numerous C-suite executive positions throughout his career in finance and operations. After 4 years of senior experience with Ernst & Young, he began helping companies complete acquisitions across a wide array of service-based industries.

    Brian Andreoli | Accounting Director

    Brian has over 30 years of accounting experience, 25 of which relate directly to M&A. Much of this expertise comes from highly esteemed firms, including Price Waterhouse (pre-merger), KPMG, and Ernst & Young.

  • Why Reunion?

    When looking to pass on their funeral home, owners are often stuck with the following options:

    1. Passing the business on to a family member
    2. Selling to a large corporation
    3. Selling to a competitor

    Unfortunately, many don't have the ability (or the desire) to choose one of these options. In fact, according to the IBBA, only 1 business out of every 10 will sell!


    The purpose of our group is to be the easiest, most trustworthy option as you're looking to sell your funeral home. We aim to make transitions fast, smooth, and personalized to your unique needs.


    If reading through this was timely for you, don't hesitate to get in touch below!

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